Jesus is the head of His Church and He has established a New Testament pattern for leadership as demonstrated in the early church.

Our Leadership

Knowing Love and Sharing It

Eldership Team

We believe in the local church being led by an eldership team (Philippians 1:1). The elders, together with the deacons, lead and care for the people. The eldership establishes sound doctrine in the church, sets the direction and vision of the church as led by the Holy Spirit, and exercises discipline in the church. The eldership is to “shepherd” the people willingly, in love and in humility. Through relationship, the eldership team partners with people who carry Ephesians 4:11 giftings (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers), who help to equip and strengthen the local church.

Deacon Team

Following the example that we see in scripture (Acts 6) and as the need arises, elders appoint deacons to assist them in serving and leading the church. While deacons do not “govern” the church family as elders do, they serve in every capacity and function in Biblical leadership.