A redemption story of healing…

David Jones is an athletic and talented 14 year old, well loved by his family, friends and athletics coach.

At the beginning of 2019, during a school sports event, while competing in the 100m and 200m sprint, David suddenly experienced a searing pain in his left leg. Paramedics established that the situation was significant and he was taken by ambulance to hospital.

After extensive medical examinations, it was determined that David had sustained a very serious injury to his lower back (specifically L4) and there was severe damage to the spinal cushion. It also revealed nerve damage which affected his bladder function and was the source of an embarrassing ailment (nightly bladder incontinence) that had plagued him for years. The doctor and physiotherapist insisted that urgent surgery would be required.

However God had another plan.  That weekend, Keir Tayler ministered at Heartlands Church, and specifically singled David out to come forward for healing prayer. David approached on his crutches, in visible pain. After praying for him, Keir instructed David to walk the length of the church without crutches. With every step he took, he felt God’s healing power and is now completely healed from all ailments.   Not only has the spinal damage gone, but the nightly bladder incontinence has also disappeared. Truly a redemption story of God’s complete healing over the body!