Word from Francois & Elzani Lombard – 27 Feb 2021

Vision 27 Feb 2021

There was a clearly laid out path stretching into the distance. A group of athletes filled the path and was running at a great speed. A blinding light was shining from the heavens and all runners were fixated on the light, never looking down to the ground or losing their speed.

The grouped moved in unity (Difficult to distinguish between the runners), except for 3 specific runners. The vision zoomed in onto the three runners individually and God clearly showed me the following:

1. The 1st runner was looking down at his shoes:

His heightened focus on himself highlighted a clear lack of Confidence/Competence. This runner was so focused on whether he had the            correct gear to run with the group that he lost focus of the overarching light. He struggled to see his worthiness to run with the group                and as a result broke the Unity.

2. The 2nd runner was dragging behind, showing signs of fatigue:

He had a lack of perseverance and commitment. Due to this, the individual was left behind by the group and the runner slowly drifted               away. This clearly showed a need to stay with the overall vision of the group and that the group (church) will not wait for people dragging         in their commitment. God has called us to move with perseverance and steadfastness and to achieve this, commitment and investment is         required.

3. The 3rd runner was running on the edge of the road, looking for another path:

By continuously looking for their own way and relying on their own wisdom, they made life difficult for themselves. When the runner was       looking for his own way, he lost focus of the laid-out path and kept stumbling over the bushes on the side. I was reminded to stay focused         on the collective, the light & the plans that God has designed. This is not about me, my skills and finding my own way

As a church, we are called to:

  1. We are called to move as a collective body in unity
  2. We are called to persevere
  3. We are called to keep our eyes locked on God & the Light
  4. We are called to stay on the path he has laid out for us
  5. We are called to look beyond our personal strengths & attributes