Word to the Eldership Team – Zach Lombard – 26 March 2021

This eldership team have bragged about their unity, and unity brings/unlocks a commanded blessing.  You as the congregation live in what this team fights for.  Due to their unity, there is a commanded blessing over your lives as you add yourself to this church.  You live in the inheritance that their unity buys for you.

This eldership team is about to double. There’s rapid growth coming in different places.  This leadership team will be doubled and then just as you start to breathe, He’s going to double it again.  Not only is there exponential, rapid growth in your personal capacities, but God is also calling you into more than what you’ve ever realised.  This church will be a base church, recognised beyond the boundaries of this church.

To Peter and Michelle – get ready for full-time ministry. God will release you in a way that will be profound, unexpected, and suddenly.  It’s time for you to get on your knees, get into the prayer closet, that when the moment opens up, you won’t only then get into this (the Word), it’ll be done already.  God says you have prepared and prayed, and God says “Not much longer”. Keep on pushing in, because He is about to do the very things you have desired, the things that you have longed for, the things that you have dreamed for.

To Milan & Susie – The two of you are going to start travelling in ways that you never thought you’d travel.  God is going to give you platforms to share your story, to reach and teach, platforms to proclaim the things that he has taught you.   It’s almost like you’ve been taught in obscure places, like you’ve been hidden under a metal covering – you’ve been hidden.  I feel God’s saying He’ll move that hideout and He’s going to put you on a platform, He’s saying it’s time for that. The treasure that you carry has been unweighted and unmeasured, and a time is coming when it will be weighed, measured, and celebrated.

God is saying to the whole team an increase is coming, and you’ll feel like you’re going to burst, but with the increase, will come capacity.  Thank you for their grounded faith, for their steadfast perseverance. We pray increased capacity and an ability to raise up leaders, fast efficient leaders.  We declare favour and increase in unparalleled measure.