Dreams 2020 – 2021

Dreams 2020 – 2021 (Susie Popovich)


1. Season of birthing but watch for the enemy

    In December 2020, I dreamt of 5 births – with each birth, there was a beautiful baby, but with each birth, there was a snake present.                Here God is confirming that this is a season of birthing – the birthing of new ministries, new sites, BUT God’s also warning us, the                    birthing season is a season of vulnerability – our enemy will be present, watching, looking for an opportunity to snatch up the baby.                  The message is ALWAYS, be on your guard, watch out for the little foxes, be prepared for battle, put on your full armour!

2.The way of family and the way of the supernatural

26 January 2021: I dreamt of a large palatial house that belonged to a friend who is a traditional church leader, not spirit filled.  The                  house  was almost like a museum. I felt God saying Beware of the church that looks good, impressive, large, but it’s more of a monument          to men’s good works then to the hand of God. It’s sterile and not God’s intention for church.  There was another house, more homely,                smaller but a family home. This is what God has intended.

I felt God saying that we have 2 choices for Heartlands: that we can choose the supernatural way of healing and wholeness, or the man-            made way of doctors and medicine; the supernatural way of building by faith and led by His Spirit, or the man-made way of good                        programs and slick productions. I felt God saying choose family and choose the supernatural.

3. In February 2021, I had one dream after the other, night after night, where God seemed to be laying one word upon the next.

The first dream was of Milan and me walking along dirt roads in the bush, which turned into canals/streams of water. Zach (represents           the prophetic) was swimming ahead of me, and I was trying to keep up with him.

I felt God saying, “Keep up with me my daughter, I’m speaking, stay close, stay listening

4. I dreamt of a number of kittens all needing homes and shelter – kittens to me speak of the innocent ones, needing nurture and          care – I felt God confirming that the innocent ones (children) need to be cared for and protected – there’ll be many.

5. I dreamt I was needing to run from one place to the other – sense of urgency. This is not the season of waiting; this is            the season of doing.

6. Another dream was of a large house that was owned by relatives of mine that are not practicing believers (the wealth           of  the world?) – As I would walk from one room to another, and the house just seemed to expand and get larger. I would find another          lounge, another bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, then another and another. There were many different types of people living in this house,          people from different nations and ethnic groups.

I then went outside and there was a large room with access from the outside. This room had pillars and canvas sides (not walls and                    windows). In this room there a lot of wooden furniture – some old, some new.  I remember thinking “what a treasure trove of furniture            and wood”. It seemed dusty and abandoned, like it wasn’t cherished.  The owner didn’t see the value.

I asked different people to give me their interpretation of the wooden room:

Lise: Wood = building, Word of God (paper), expanding Kingdom

Wood = fire = brings warmth and life to the people it touches; protection (fire keep bad elements away e.g., Fire keeps animals away in             the bush)

Sees a boat (wood), protection from water, safety.

Salonette: Jesus was a carpenter. The pieces of wood / furniture are individuals in a church body / community – some are chairs, some           are tables – our callings are different; we are at different places in our walk with God. Raw wood is converted into furniture pieces –                 young Christians becomes mature as God refines us.

Landie: Had a sense of “getting ready” – get ready to fill other places and spaces; preparation done before moving out.

7. 4 May 2021

Another dream where Milan and myself were walking along a path in a rural / farm context – we had a plan in our hands of a road that            needed to be built – I had been asked to do the planning component, and Milan had been asked to do the physical construction of it.                  Milly’s kids were running around us.   I kept on asking, why is this road necessary? This is in such a rural context, there are other roads,          why do we need this road? I was also concerned that the farmers would have to give up some of their property for the road but when we            spoke to them, they were not concerned – they were happy to give up some of their land for the expropriation as the road would mean              easier access to the markets, it would open their area.  As we continued to walk, I saw that the road that we would build, would join                    another larger provincial road, and as I walked, I had peace that the road was needed.

Again, I felt God saying that the “more” is needed, more sites, more influence, a children’s home, more ministries, more leaders. The                more is OK and the more is from Him. His hand of blessing is upon it.

I sense God saying, as we walk, more will be revealed.