Word from Zach Lombard to Heartlands Church May 2019

I see this church like an octopus, there are strong expressions that will mobilise this church. This church will be bigger outside the building than inside the building.   This church will have expressions outside of this building that will bring change to the community. 

When you cut a piece of octopus off, it grows again. God is saying that you are going to plant many expressions.  They are going to cut off and flourish, and new ones will develop. 

God is calling this church as a base to raise and release leaders.  This church will be very unique and significant in the way that it raises up and sends out. At times it will be very frustrating because at times you will feel as if you never get beyond a certain head count. God is saying that it is not about count, it’s about influence. 

God is giving you new influence in new areas.

God is saying that you will be working into the realm of social justice, into raising, releasing and restoring those that have literally been spat out by life. You will restore those that have been broken, addicted… 

God is saying that there will be a worship ministry that will be planted from this place.  I’m not sure if you’ve been praying for this, but God is saying that he has heard your prayers, and he’s changed his mind. There’s a worship expression that God is going to plant from this place.  This worship is not going to be like any other worship. It’s not going to be a Bethel or another Hillsong. It’s going to be very unique to Heartlands. It’ll have its own beat and flavour, and it’ll be offensive to many and that’s all right. God says that the gospel is offensive.  If you do what God has given you to do, it’ll offend others, and that’s fine. 

The northern part of South Africa will never be the same because of what God has placed within your hearts. God is asking, will you go north for me?  God is going to send you north, you’re going to plunder everything north of here, you’re going to plant Afrikaans churches.  

God is saying, unapologetically, be who you are.  Unapologetically, call others to be who they are.  Unapologetically release them to be who God called them to be. Many leaders will go through your hands.  

God is calling you to plant young people as church leaders when everyone else is saying they are too young. God is going to use you to plant Timothy’s everywhere.   

God is saying that this will be a healing community, wholistic healing, not just of the body but of the mind as well.  A healing community where those that are completely off their rockers, God is going to bring them back into the house.  

There is a new door that is opening to you as a church, a door of deliverance, many, many people will be delivered in this church.  There’s a mantle that God is placing upon this church, specifically when it comes to deliverance ministry, I believe that you will have teams that will travel all over the world for the deliverance ministry and the deliverance call.  

You will raise up many that will see into the spirit realm.  I believe that God is giving this church a mantle to see into the spirit realm, to see what God is doing in the spirit realm, and you’re going to raise up those who will move in great authority and power when it comes to things of the spirit realm.  

There will be some unique manifestations of the Spirit in this church.  There are places where gold dust falls and jewels appear. I’m not saying that this will happen, but I’m telling you that there will be significant and very unique manifestations that God will bring to this place.  

You need to be ready for revival, because God is saying that it’s on your doorstep.  This place is too small. I know you have invested and done well here, but God is saying that it’s time to get ready for a move.  It’s not going to be where you think. God is going to open up something that he has kept hidden for you and it’s going to be absolutely perfect for you. A place that’s central that everyone knows and a place that everyone will find very easily.  

God is saying that He is giving you the city. Many have contended for this city but He’s giving you the city. 

My prayer is that the supernatural would reign down, for new doors to be open to Heartlands, for an increase in capacity and in leadership.  Would You allow them to be unique and different in the way that You have raised them up. I pray that they would have the weapons of warfare that are needed for the task that You have given them. I thank You that You are calling them to fight in the supernatural.  Give them great insight and wisdom on how to raise up those that would see in another world, an anointing for eyes to open up to things what we don’t understand, that You would raise up those that would see and understand.