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Healing Testimony of Jade Whittaker (16 years old)

For two years I have been struggling with a knee injury which has left me in pain, unable to dance or participate in the activities that I love.  I underwent knee surgery in November 2013, however, after a slow process of rehabilition,  managed to injure my knee again a few weeks ago.  It was back to square one and I was very frustrated!    On Sunday morning, Keir Tayler, who was visiting our church, had a word of knowledge that there was someone who had been struggling with an injury to their left knee.  As I was teaching the children, I didn’t respond to his call, but after the preaching, my mom called me into the main meeting.    Keir and Callie laid hands on my knee and I instantly felt the healing to my knee.  Pain that was constantly there was now gone!  Keir suggested that I run around the parking lot just to be doubly sure!  I was completely overwhelmed and can testify to the healing power of God in my body.  It has bought great joy and assurance to my life, reminding me of a compassionate and loving Father who gives good gifts to His children.

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